Development Planning Unit – Assessment

This is an informal assessment to help me better understand the effectiveness of “GIS Lessons for You” and its ability to teach people how to use ArcGIS Online.

The following are the necessary details for creating the Story Map:

Feature Layer – JCM_Precarious_Structures
-Downloaded, selected, uploaded and shared (Everyone) in ArcGIS Online as JCM_Precarious_Structure

(Polyline) Shapefile – peru_highway

(Polygon) Shapefile – JCM Settlement Perimeters

KML File – USGS Earthquakes
-KML File URL:

Map Notes Point
-Name: Centro de Salud Su Santidad Juan Pablo II
-Description: Calle Paralelo esquina con Jirón Del Paso s/n, Del Paso, San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru
-Image URL / Image Link URL:

Saved Map
-Title: JCM Precarious Structures
-Tags: JCM
-Summary: A map showing precarious Structures in JCM in Lima, Peru

Configurable Web App (Story Map [Tabbed Layout])
-Title: JCM Precarious Structures
-Tab Title: JCM
-(Show Legend)
-Image URL:
-Image Caption: Collapsed Structure in JCM
Description: José Carlos Mariátegui (JCM) is an area in Lima with a population of deprived people who often have lack of affordable access to resources and building materials. As such, some structures in settlements in JCM, as surveyed by students from the Development Planning Unit (2015), may be at risk of collapse. Nearby highways can carry people and the items they may need in and out of the area, though the roads may not be able to accommodate big trucks to transport these goods. It is also worth noting that Peru is a seismically active region; if an earthquake of sufficient magnitude were to hit the area, how would that affect the roads and structures in JCM? The nearest hospital to the area has been identified (Centro de Salud Su Santidad Juan Pablo II) and Earthquakes that have happened within the last 24 hours have been included. Given all of this information, we can begin to understand what structures are at risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake and if such an event where to occur, where people in need of medical assistance could go.

Development Planning Unit – Assessment

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