Digital Humanities – Assessment

This is an informal assessment to help me better understand the effectiveness of “GIS Lessons for You” and its ability to teach people how to use ArcGIS Online.

The following are the necessary details for creating the Story Map:

Feature Layer – Bombsight points (Bloomsbury) –
-Downloaded, selected, uploaded and shared (Everyone) in ArcGIS Online as bombsight_images_Bloomsbury

(Polyline) Shapefile – Bloomsbury rivers – EDINA

(Polygon) Shapefile – world heritage sites – historic england

KML File – London 1940s OS Historic Map – EDINA
-KML File URL:

Map Notes Point
-Name: UCL
-Description: Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
-Image URL / Image Link URL:

Saved Map
-Title: World War 2 Bombs Dropped on Bloomsbury
-Tags: Bloomsbury
-Summary: A map showing the bombs dropped in and around Bloomsbury during World War 2

Configurable Web App (Story Map [Tabbed Layout])
-Title: World War 2 Bombs Dropped on Bloomsbury
-Tab Title: Bloomsbury
-(Show Legend)
-Image URL:
-Image Caption: Damage to 51-52 Tavistock Square (14 Oct 1940)
-Description: Bloomsbury is an area of the London Borough of Camden, in central London, between Euston Road and Holborn, developed by the Russell family in the 17th and 18th centuries into a fashionable residential area. It is notable for its array of garden squares, literary connections (exemplified by the Bloomsbury Group), and numerous cultural, educational and health-care institutions.During World War 2, many areas of London were bombed; data of which has been released and visualised for the area in and around Bloomsbury. There are also a number of rivers and world heritage sites nearby that could have been affected by these bombs at the time – scars of which may be visable today. To show what the area may have looked like, a historic Ordnance Survey map has also been included; check out what a snapshot from that time might be like near University College London (UCL).

Digital Humanities – Assessment

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