Visiting Esri HQ

On the back end of the Esri User Conference, and after a short trip to Tijuana, I headed to Redlands for meetings with Esri staff on my research and our work in ExCiteS. The Esri staff I met at the User Conference were so friendly and helpful in setting up meetings with key people. In particular, I met with Jim Baumann, who’s work I’ve previously quoted in my research, to write an article on my research and our work in ExCiteS (I’ll share that once it’s out); David Davis to discuss the theoretical and practical foundations of training materials created and delivered; David DiBiase and Angela Lee on the pedagogical foundations and education outreach programs of Esri’s work; and the developers in the Applications Prototype Lab to share with them our development initiatives and find out how we can better link our efforts. These meetings were extremely productive and have given me great ideas for myself, ExCiteS, and where we may be able to take our work, going forward; be sure to watch this space, as I’ll be sharing with everyone the outcomes as they continue to unfold.

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